With age comes an unexpected lucidity.

Cinestación presents

What remains

A film by Catalina Marín

Juan Gastó is eighty years old. He continues to teach about ecosystems, and to help big national parks in these matters, while he gets old and feels his body vanishing away. While he lives the autumn of his life he prepares for this winter, the real one and the one about his death. He begins to plan his inheritance while being alive, organizing his books, memories, properties and his knowledge, to give them to those who deserve it.

2016, Chile / HD / 30 min.
Production Companies Cinestación


Director of Photography Nicolás Ibieta
Research and Script Catalina Marín, Juan Pablo Sarmiento
Sound Yanislav Ostoic
Line Producer Pablo Monsalve
Produced by Joséphine Schroeder
Directed and edited by Catalina Marín