“I didn’t know you liked Yuri.”

Teddy AwardBerlinale Shorts Competition 2015

Cinestación and La Medallita present

San Cristóbal

A film by Omar Zúñiga

Lucas is visiting his sister on a remote island in southern Chile before moving abroad. An unlikely romance grows when he meets Antonio, a struggling young fisherman. The intimacy they share makes them navigate towards a new horizon and to a different stage of their adulthood.

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2015, Chile / HD / 29 min.
Production Companies Cinestación and La Medallita


Lucas Samuel González 
Antonio Antonio Altamirano 
Catalina Marcia Paredes 
Adriana Alicia Vera 
Doctor Jorge Quagliaroli 
Antonio's Boss Juan Santana



Director of Photography Nicolás Ibieta
Production/Costume Design Nicolás Oyarce
Casting Jorge Quagliaroli

Sound Mixer Alejandro Contreras
Sound Design Roberto Espinoza
Additional Sound Design Ryan Billia
Sound Design Coordinator Pablo Bahamondez

Assistant Director Catalina Marín
Line Producer Siomara Molina
Catering Katia Vergara
Make-up Amparo Aguirre
Poster Design Arno Baudin

Editing Omar Zúñiga
Image Grading Nicolás Ibieta

Produced by Amparo Aguirre, Ana Perera
Written and directed by Omar Zúñiga


65th Berlin International Film Festival
Teddy Award for the Best Short Film, Berlinale Shorts Competition Germany, 2015

Tisch School of the Arts
Wasserman Directing Award for Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo, Craft Award for Lead Actor for Samuel González, and Craft Award for Sound Design for Roberto Espinoza, Wasserman Finalists United States, 2015

7th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
Best International Narrative Short Film Award, and Special Jury Mention for Best Performance in a Lead Role for Antonio Altamirano, Short Films Competition India, 2016

11th ShortsMexico
Best Ibero-American Short Film Award, Ibero-American Competition Mexico, 2016

23rd MixBrasil
Audience Award for Best International Short Film, Short Films Selection Brazil, 2015

7th Puerto Rico Queer Film Fest
Audience Award for Best International Short FilmShort Films Selection Puerto Rico, 2015

8th Sexual Diversity Film Festival
Best Short Film, Short Films Chile, 2015

Rio Festival Gay de Cinema
Best Short Film - Festival ChoiceShort Films Competition Brazil, 2015


31st Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara
Ibero-American Short Films Competition Mexico, 2016

Tampere Film Festival
International Competition Finland, 2016

30th BFI Flare
Short Films United Kingdom, 2016

19th PinkApple
Short Films Switzerland, 2016

10th OutView
Short Films Greece, 2016

19° Roze Filmdagen
Short Films The Netherlands, 2016

8th Iquique International Film Festival
International Short Films Competition Chile, 2016

Pink Life Queer Film Festival
Short Films Competition Turkey, 2016

London Short Film Festival
International Competition United Kingdom, 2016

37th Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano
Short Films Competition Cuba, 2015

33rd Festival Tous Courts Aix-en-Provence
International Competition France, 2015

13th El Lugar Sin Límites
Short Films Ecuador, 2015

14th Genres d'à Côté / Pink Screens Film Festival
Short Films Belgium, 2015

13th Asiana International Short Film Festival
International Competition South Korea, 2015

34th Uppsala International Short Film Festival
International Competition Sweden, 2015

23rd Santiago International Short Film Festival
National Competition Chile, 2015

22nd Valdivia International Film Festival
Latin-American Short Films Competition Chile, 2015

2nd Taiwan International Queer Film Festival
Short Film Competition Taiwan, 2015

30th Mix Copenhagen
Short Films Denmark, 2015

19th QueerLisboa
Competition for Best Short Film Portugal, 2015

16th Woodstock Film Festival
Short Films United States, 2015

Iris Prize Festival
Iris Prize Finalist United Kingdom, 2015

International Young Filmmakers Festival of Granada
Live Action Competition Spain, 2015

20th Milano Film Festival
International Short Films Competition Italy, 2015

Oslo Fusion Film Festival
Short Films Competition Norway, 2015

26th Kinoforum São Paulo International Short Film Festival
Special Programs Brazil, 2015

Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Short Films Canada, 2015

OutFest L.A. Film Festival
Short Films Competition United States, 2015

Asterisco International Film Festival
Short Films Competition Argentina, 2015

24th Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
International Shorts Japan, 2015

Palm Springs International ShortFest
Official Selection United States, 2015

39th Frameline Film Festival
Short Films Competition United States, 2015

17th Provincetown International Film Festival
Short Films Competition United States, 2015

38th Kortfilmfestivalen / The Norwegian Short Film Festival
Official Selection Norway, 2015

41st Seattle International Film Festival
Short Films Competition United States, 2015

8th Subversive Film Festival
Shorts Competition Croatia, 2015

14th Rome Independent Film Festival
International Shorts Competition Italy, 2015


Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Fellows Fund for Post-Production United States, 2015