Joe grows up with a tight family.

QueerLisboa 2011

Cinestación presents

My New Song is Coming Along Great

A film by Omar Zúñiga

Joe is sixteen years old. He is learning how to play the piano and sometimes he hangs out with his good friend Jimmy. He was born in Maine, but now he lives in Boston. He lived in several foster homes, but his dads, Dean and Joe, adopted him three years ago. Now he is mostly worried about the lyrics for his new song.

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2010, Chile - United States / SD / 5 min.
Production Companies Cinestación


Joe Lampros-Teja 
Dean Lampros 
Joe Teja 
Jimmy Commeau 



Sound Mixer Alexis Gambis
Directed and edited by Omar Zúñiga


15th Queer Lisboa Film Festival
Competition for Best Short Film Portugal, 2011