A place that is caught halfway between tradition and modernity.

CNCA, Film Promotion Fund 2017

Cinestación and Terranova present

Los Fuertes

A film by Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo

Lucas goes to visit his sister on a remote town in southern Chile before moving abroad. An unlikely romance grows when he meets Antonio, a struggling young fisherman. Their relationship will force them to confront their own realities and break their loneliness, learning to trust the people they can finally feel close to. “Los Fuertes” is the story of the love between these two young men, who grow together towards a new space of independence in their adulthood, in a place that is caught halfway between tradition and modernity.

2018, Chile / HD / 100 min.
Production Companies Cinestación and Terranova


Samuel González
Antonio Altamirano



Written and directed by Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo
Produced by Dominga Sotomayor, Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo, José Luis Rivas


Government of Chile
Film Promotion Fund for Production Chile, 2016

Ibermedia Program
Development Fund Spain, 2014

Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival
Co-Production Forum Spain, 2013

Mostra Internacional de Cinema en São Paulo
Br Lab Brazil, 2013 

Viña del Mar International Film Festival
Training & Networks Chile, 2013 

Reykjavik International Film Festival
Summer Institute Iceland, 2013