They part ways on the high ground, close to the stars.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016
Tiger Awards Competition

Sapukai Cine, Fortuna Films and Cinestación present

The Last Land

A film by Pablo Lamar

An elderly couple lives out their lives on an isolated hill. Evangelina has been fading away for a very long time. On this particular night, Amancio quietly makes her company, with words and whispers, through the dark hours until the break of day, the moment of her death. Now utterly alone, Amancio takes charge of the various tasks for her burial. His actions are gradually infused with the power of ritual, as he comes to embrace solitude and loss. At the end of the day, Amancio carries Evangelina to her grave and lowers her into the ground. He shovels the dirt back into the pit and takes leave of his life companion, now resting beneath the earth.

2016, Paraguay - The Netherlands - Chile / HD / 90 min.
Production Companies Sapukai Cine, Fortuna Films and Cinestación


Ramón del Río
Vera Valdez



Director of Photography Paolo Girón
Production Design Carlo Spatuzza
Editing Felipe Gálvez
Associate Producer Sabaté Films
Executive Producers Pablo Lamar, Ilse Hughan, Wiebke Toppel
Executive Producer in Paraguay Gabriela Sabaté
Executive Producer in Chile Dominga Sotomayor
Written and directed by Pablo Lamar


International Film Festival Rotterdam
Special Jury Award, Tiger Awards Competition The Netherlands, 2016


BAFICI Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival
Panorama Argentina, 2016


Ibermedia Program
Co-Production Fund Spain, 2014

Doha Film Institute
Producion Grant Qatar, 2014

International Film Festival Rotterdam / The Netherlands Film Fund
Hubert Bals Fund Plus for Production The Netherlands, 2013

Government of Paraguay
National Fund for Culture and the Arts Paraguay, 2013

Festival de Cannes
L'Atelier France, 2012

Torino Film Festival
Torino Film Lab
 Italy, 2011

International Film Festival Rotterdam 
Hubert Bals Fund
 for Screenplay & Project Development The Netherlands, 2010

12th Buenos Aires Independent International Film Festival
Cinecolor and ARTE Awards, Buenos Aires Lab Argentina, 2010