Carmen disrupts her bourgeois life for a man she barely knows.

CNCA, Film Promotion Fund 2018

Cinestación and Stayblack present


A film by Manuela Martelli

1976, Chile. Carmen is 49 years old. She has a good family, a house with a yard, a dog, a maid and severe insomia that she fights with pills. Her life as a bourgeois housewife is interrupted when the priest at the church where she does charity work asks her to take care of a young revolutionary, a man he is giving asylum to, who has just been hurt.

2019, Chile - Italy / HD / 90 min.
Production Companies Cinestación and Stayblack


Executive Producers Dominga Sotomayor, Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo
Co-Producers Jonas Carpignano, Jon Coplon
Written and directed by Manuela Martelli


Government of Chile
Film Promotion Fund for Production Chile, 2018

Festival des 3 Continents
Produire au Sud France, 2015

Government of Chile, Film Promotion Fund
Script Re-Writing Fund Chile, 2015

AustraLAB, BAL, Cinemart 
3 Puertos Cine
 Chile, 2014

CORFO, Corporación de Fomento a la Producción
Project Development Fund Chile, 2013