Carmen disrupts her bourgeois life for a man she barely knows.

Film Promotion Fund 2018

Cinestación presents


A film by Manuela Martelli

1976, Chile. Carmen is 49 years old. She has a good family, a house with a yard, a dog, a maid and severe insomia that she fights with pills. Her life as a bourgeois housewife is interrupted when the priest at the church where she does charity work asks her to take care of a young revolutionary, a man he is giving asylum to, who has just been hurt.

2022, Chile - Italy / HD / 100 min.
Production Companies Cinestación


Producida por Dominga Sotomayor, Omar Zúñiga
Written by Manuela Martelli, Alejandra Moffat
Directed by Manuela Martelli


Ventana Sur
Proyecta Argentina, 2018

Visions Sud Est
Production Fund Switzerland, 2018

Government of Chile, Film Promotion Fund
Feature Film Co-Production Fund Chile, 2018

Festival des 3 Continents
Produire au Sud France, 2015

Government of Chile, Film Promotion Fund
Script Re-Writing Fund Chile, 2015

AustraLAB, BAL, Cinemart 
3 Puertos Cine
 Chile, 2014

CORFO, Corporación de Fomento a la Producción
Project Development Fund Chile, 2013